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Airport security: Checkpoint challenge 空港セキュリティー 検問所の課題

"Flying isn’t fun anymore," is a common comment among travellers. They recall a golden age when flying was glamorous, not standing in long lines and undergoing intrusive pat-downs.

In America these are imposed by the Transportation Security Administration (TSA), which was set up after the terrorist attacks on September 11th 2001. It is now one of the country’s most hated institutions. Many passengers scorn its petty rules. Many complain of ineffectual "security theatre". In an Economist online debate last month, a huge 87% of respondents agreed that the changes to airport security since 2001 had "done more harm than good".

The man given the impossible task of opposing these rules was Kip Hawley, a former TSA boss. Even he admitted that airport security needed reforming. And on April 14th, writing in the Wall Street Journal, Mr Hawley offered some sensible proposals on how to do it.

One idea the airlines will not like is to stop them charging for checked bags. Mr Hawley says this would speed things up by discouraging flyers from taking all their bags through security. But carriers have come to rely on such fees, which rake in billions.

Key Vocabularies :
common [adj] 広く行き渡った、よくある,   scorn [verb] 冷笑する、あざける,   ineffectual [adj] 効果のない、力のない、弱い,   reforming [verb] 変更する、修正する,   sensible [adj] 良識と正しい判断を使うこと,  




According to the article why do Americans complain that flying isn’t fun anymore?



What measure does Mr Hawley think will make the security process quicker?

Look at the underlined word or phrase and choose the answer that is closest in meaning.


Many passengers scorn its petty rules.



Carriers have come to rely on baggage fees, which rake in billions.

What does rake in mean in this context?



Based on the information in the article, what is likely to happen with the TSA?

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