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Why local firms dominate the Russian internet business なぜ現地企業がロシアのインターネットビジネスを支配するのか

Yandex is Russia’s biggest online-search company. It symbolises the country’s whole internet economy: a bit smaller than expected, but growing fast, and clearly Russian.

Last year, the number of Russians online went up by 14%, to 53 million. That made Russia’s online population Europe’s biggest. GP Bullhound, an investment bank, however, reckons that only 18% of those people shop online.

Russian companies dominate the market. Yandex gets about 60% of online searches, according to a research firm. Google gets a quarter and is by far the biggest e-mail service and online-games platform.

The Russian internet market looks more like China’s than that of the West. Baidu dominates Chinese search. When the Chinese buy online they use Dangdang, 360buy or one of Alibaba’s online marketplaces instead of Amazon or eBay. They post on Sina Weibo, not Twitter.

In important ways, Russia is different. It has nothing like China’s wildly popular online-video sites, loved because censored TV in China is so dull. Unlike China, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube are not banned. Foreigners have been much freer to enter Russia, but still have difficulties.

Key Vocabularies :
reckon [verb] 計算する、算定する,   dominate [verb] 優位に立つ、支配する,   popular [adj] たくさんの人に愛されているまたは好まれている,   censored [adj] 情報を変更するなどして編集し、地元当局が容認できるようにすること,   ban [verb] 禁止する、差し止める,  




How does the writer describe Russia’s internet situation?



How is Russia’s internet different from that of China?

Look at the underlined word or phrase and choose the answer that is closest in meaning.


Why local firms dominate the Russian internet business

In this headline, what is the meaning of local?



Google gets a quarter and is by far the biggest e-mail service and online-games platform.



Based on the information in the article, how open is the Russian market to non- Russians?

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