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Kenya’s technology start-up scene is about to take off ケニアの技術系新規事業、まもなく飛び立つ

Kenya is known for coffee and safaris, and not for its technology. This might be about to change, though, as hundreds of start-ups have sprung up in Nairobi over the last couple of years. They are part of a quiet tech boom in Kenya.

In 2002, Kenya exported only $16 million of technology-related services. By 2010, it had exploded to $360 million. Some call Nairobi "Silicon Savannah".

However, it differs from its silicon sisters in one important regard. From the start, its tech firms have designed their products for mobile phones rather than computers. Kenya is still a poor country; few of its people own laptops. But there are 74 mobile phones for every 100 Kenyans, well above the African average of 65. And nearly 99% of internet subscriptions in Kenya are on mobile phones.

The Kenya government has been supportive. In 2005, Kenya was a technological backwater. However, in 2009, the first of four undersea internet cables was brought to the Kenyan coast. Prices plummeted and bandwidth exploded. Just under 12 million of the country’s roughly 40 million people now use the internet, a number that has tripled since 2009.

Key Vocabularies :
spring up [verb] 急に出現する、急増する,   boom [noun] 経済が急成長する期間,   explode [verb] 爆発する,   export [verb] 販売のために他の国へ輸送すること、輸出する,   plummet [verb] 暴落する、急落する,  




According to the article, what has been occurring in Kenya recently?



According to the reading, what is one of the most important differences between the Kenyan tech start-ups and those in many other countries?

Look at the underlined word or phrase and choose the answer that is closest in meaning.


In 2005, Kenya was a technological backwater.



However, it differs from its silicon sisters in one important regard.

Silicon sisters refers to



Based on the information in the article, what is likely to happen with the numbers of people accessing the Internet from mobile phones?

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