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Global property markets: Boom and gloom 全世界の不動産市場、好景気と暗闇

Relaxed new monetary policy has stimulated global stock markets. The response of property markets has varied. The housing boom before the financial crisis was global, while the recovery after the bust is uneven. Prices have risen over the past year in some countries. The biggest increase has been in Hong Kong, where house prices are up by 24.5%. The biggest drop is in Spain, where prices are down by 7.7%.

Property markets are generally strong in the developing world. Prices have risen by 11.1% in South Africa. They have also been strong in two big emerging economies: Brazil (up by 12.8%) and India (10.7%). China’s house prices have increased modestly, by 3.3%.

Housing markets are known to be vulnerable to boom and bust.

Right now, Canada’s market is especially vulnerable. A large bubble now looks set to burst. Home sales in March were 15% down on a year earlier. There are few buyers. A recent poll showed that only 15% of Canadians are likely to buy a home in the next two years. This is down from 27% last year.

Key Vocabularies :
stimulate [verb] 促す、元気づける,   vary [verb] 違うこと,   boom and bust [noun] にわか景気と不景気、一時的活況,   uneven [adj] 等しくない、同じでない,   vulnerable [adj] 脆弱な、受けやすい,  




According to the article, how has the relaxed new monetary policy affected global property markets?



According to the article, which country so far has seen the biggest plunge in its property market?

Look at the underlined word or phrase and choose the answer that is closest in meaning.


China’s house prices have increased modestly, by 3.3%.



They have also been strong in two big emerging economies: Brazil (up by 12.8%) and India (10.7%). Examples of other emerging economies are



Based on the information in the article, why does the Canadian property market look especially vulnerable right now?

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