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European Troops to Ensure Peace in CAR 中央アフリカ共和国の平和を保証するヨーロッパ部隊

European countries have decided to send their peacekeeping forces to Central African Republic in Africa for the first time since 2008. At present, the European Union (EU) has about 7000 of its staff placed in different countries of the world in twelve civilian and four army operations. The army operations include fighting the Somali pirates and training the Malian army.

The EU decided to send their troops after the UN informed them about the possible massacre of thousands of Africans in that country. However, the EU must get the UN Security Council’s consent before sending troops.

The problem in Central African Republic started in March when a Muslim rebel coalition called Seleka came to power and started killing Christians in that country. The Christians attacked the Muslims in revenge. Since then, thousands have died and over a million people have been forced to leave their homes in search of a safe place due to the continued violence. The fighting has been continuing since the Seleka leader, Michel Djotodia, was made president of the country.

Around 1000 were killed last month in the capital city of Bangui, which forced Djotodia to resign last week.

Key Vocabularies :
pirate [noun] 海賊。海上の船舶から攻撃して略奪を働く者,   massacre [noun] 大虐殺。多くの人々を凶悪な仕方で殺害すること,   consent [verb] 承諾。何かが起こる、または行う許可を与えること,   rebel [adj] 反乱の、反逆の。政府や支配者に反対する、または武力を用いる,   resign [verb] 辞任する。正式または公式な方法で(仕事や地位を)放棄すること,  




According to the text, what is the problem in Central African Republic?



Based on the information in the reading, what could be the religion of Michel Djotodia?



In how many civilian operations is the EU currently involved?

Look at the underlined word or phrase and choose the answer that is closest in meaning.


The problem in Central African Republic started in March when a Muslim rebel coalition called Seleka came to power.

In the above sentence, what does the word coalition mean?



The Christians attacked the Muslims in revenge.

In this sentence, what does the word revenge mean?



Based on the information given in the article, what have thousands of people done since fighting began in the Central African Republic?

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