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Czech Crown Coin: A new virtual currency チェコ・クラウン・コイン、新しいバーチャル通貨

On July 17, a new virtual currency called the Czech Crown Coin or CZC was launched in Czechoslovakia. It is a digital crypto-currency similar to the globally known Bitcoin. The coins will be made available to users in three phases starting in September.

According to project leader Ladislav Faith, 100 million coins will be issued in all. Fifty percent will be kept aside exclusively for Czechs. The project is similar to the aurora-coin, which was introduced in Iceland in February 2014.

Many people are not in favor of the CZC project. They argue that the currency will fail to generate enough interest and might even face the threat of hackers.

Virtual currencies are legal because they are limited to the electronic medium and no physical coins, banknotes or tokens are issued. However, the Czech National Bank has dismissed the new virtual currency as a risky project because it is not supported by financial institutions.

Nonetheless, the project hopes to take advantage of the fact that the virtual currency technology enables tax-free transactions across jurisdictions.

Key Vocabularies :
exclusive [adj] 排他的。特定の人、物、またはグループに限定し、他人と共有しない,   generate [verb] 生み出す。多くの人々が何かについて感情または意見を示すこと,   medium [noun] 媒体。情報やアイデアを伝達する方法,   dismiss [verb] 解散させる。何が真実であるまたは重要であると認めることを拒否すること,   token [noun] トークン。商品と交換できる1枚の紙または小さな金属または他の物体,  




According to the article, what is the Czech Crown Coin?



According to the article, how many Czech Crown Coins will be issued in total?



Where was the aurora-coin launched?

Look at the underlined word or phrase and choose the answer that is closest in meaning.


Many people are not in favor of the CZC project.

In the above sentence, what does the word favor mean?



However, the Czech National Bank has dismissed the new virtual currency as a risky project.

In this sentence, what is the meaning of risky?



Based on the information in the article, why do some people doubt the CZC project?

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