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USB and lightning ports sound the death knell of the headphone jack ヘッドホンジャックを終焉に追い込むUSBとライトニングポート

After Apple’s announcement last year to move to headphones that connect via the lightning port, Google’s Android Lollipop is now being rolled out with support for USB audio. This tendency could lead to a technological revolution in the way we listen to audio over mobile devices. This is because manufacturers will now be prompted to exclude the headphone jack, which has been a feature in most mobile devices.

Although the diameter of the headphone jack has reduced over the years from 6.35 mm to 3.5 mm, it is still one of the bulkiest parts in today’s slim phones. Therefore phone manufacturers are considering removing it altogether so that they can make their devices even thinner than they are.

Another benefit of USB noise-canceling headphones is that they can use power from the phone over the wire. Therefore, users don’t have to charge other devices to use the headphone.

Philips was the first to market a USB headphone with its Fidelio M2L, which can be connected to iPhones and iPads by using the charging port. Fidelio NC1L is the latest such device from Philips with a high retail price of approximately $300.

Key Vocabularies :
roll out [verb] 展開する、売り出す。新製品またはサービスを導入する,   revolution [noun] 革命。特にアイデアや方法などにおける大きな変化,   tendency [noun] 傾向。一定の方法で起こり始めている態度、習慣、または状況,   diameter [noun] 直径。円の中心を横断する直線またはその線の長さ,   bulky [adj] 大きい。大きな、広い、がんじょうな,  




According to the article, why are manufacturers planning to omit the 3.5 mm jack?



The first USB headphone in the market was



What is the estimated price of Fidelio NC1L?

Look at the underlined word or phrase and choose the answer that is closest in meaning.


The headphone jack has been a feature in most mobile devices.

In this sentence, what does feature refer to?



It is still one of the bulkiest parts in today’s slim phones.

In this sentence, what does slim mean?



How are smartphones likely to change after the headphone jack is removed?

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