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Amazon might be hit by a "Jet" アマゾン 「Jet」と衝突か

If things go as planned, an e-commerce startup called Jet, founded by former Amazon executive Marc Lore, could change the way consumers shop online. Jet has managed to raise $140 million in its latest funding round and is preparing the groundwork for a commercial assault on Amazon in late spring.

Marc Lore was the CEO of Quidsi, a company that owned In 2010, Quidsi was acquired by Amazon for $550 million. Lore now aims to challenge Amazon by targeting consumers who are cost conscious and would rather opt for a slower delivery than pay a higher price for a product. Another way of cutting prices is to offer discounted rates depending on the order size of the customer.

According to market analysts, the latest investment round has contributed to the company’s total value of nearly $600 million, which is one of the highest for a venture that has not even opened for the public. When it finally goes live, will operate much like EBay with one important difference: it will attract an annual membership fee of $50.

Key Vocabularies :
groundwork [noun] 基礎、土台。何かの準備をするために行う仕事,   assault [noun] 襲撃、攻撃。何か異なることを達成するために、本格的に行うこと,   conscious [adj] 意識を有する。何かについてかなり意識すること,   venture [noun] 事業。新規事業または活動,   operate [verb] 運営する。会社または組織を運営する,  




According to the article, how will a customer gain on the e-commerce site



Marc Lore is the former CEO of


3. is valued at approximately

Look at the underlined word or phrase and choose the answer that is closest in meaning.


It will attract an annual membership fee of $50.

In the above sentence, what does the word attract mean?



Jet was founded by former Amazon executive Marc Lore.

In this sentence, what is the meaning of found?



Based on the information in the article, what will customers need to do to avail of Jet’s low prices?

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