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Google’s payment API to compete with Apple Pay グーグルの決済API、アップルペイと競争

In mid-February, Samsung announced that it will debut with a mobile payment system later this year. Toward this objective, Samsung will soon acquire LoopPay, a digital wallet firm, to confront Apple Pay at retail stores. In a similar move, Google is buying Softcard to launch its own payment API called Android Pay at its I/O conference in May.

Android Pay will function completely independent of Google Wallet, the company's existing mobile payments product. However, users of Wallet can seamlessly connect their accounts to apps that operate with Android Pay. The new API will be based on "Host Card Emulation," which Google launched with Android 4.4.

Apple Pay and Android Pay differ from each other in one major aspect. While Apple does not have access to the products that users buy or the amount they pay, Google can record details of all transactions on Android Pay. That will give an insight to customer behavior and Google will be better placed to target its advertisements accordingly.

Key Vocabularies :
debut [noun] デビュー。誰かまたは何かが初めて公の場所に現れた時,   confront [verb] 対抗する、立ち向かう。誰かに反対する、または挑戦する,   seamless [adj] シームレスに。とてもスムースに変更する、または継続すること,   operate [verb] 作動する、動く。機材またはソフトウェアを使うこと、制御すること,   insight [noun] 洞察。何かを理解する機会、またはそれについてより学ぶこと,  




According to the article, Android Pay will be based on which software system?



Samsung will acquire which company to launch its payment API?



Google’s existing mobile payment system is called

Look at the underlined word or phrase and choose the answer that is closest in meaning.


Samsung will soon acquire LoopPay, a digital wallet firm.

In the above sentence, what does the word digital mean?



Android Pay will function completely independent of Google Wallet.

In this sentence, what is the meaning of independent?



According to the text, what is the advantage of Android Pay over Apple Pay?

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