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Coal: Black gold no more もはや黒いゴールドでない石炭

The fight against pollution, competition from new fuel sources, and technological advances have led to lower demand for coal in many countries. Consequently, prices are declining rapidly. As The Economist reports, the Dow Jones Total Coal Market index has declined by 76% since 2010.

One major factor for the declining demand for coal is the Chinese market, which has until now been driving the growth in demand. Anti-pollution measures have contributed to a slackening of the demand for thermal coal for power stations. Coal-fired plants in China are also threatened by water scarcity because most coal reserves are located in dry areas. Not surprisingly, many coal-fired plants in the country are operating at 54% of capacity, while several prominent ones have closed down.

Among all fossil fuels, coal is the most carbon-intensive fuel. Although it helps generate 1,617 gigawatts of electricity, 75% of this capacity is produced by burning coal at low temperatures. This is considered highly pollution-friendly because it emits 75% more carbon dioxide than the more refined and far more expensive clean-coal technology.

Key Vocabularies :
slacken [verb] (需要が)鈍る。(何か)を遅く、活発でなくする,   operate [verb] を操作する、操縦する。機能を実行する,   prominent [adj] 顕著な。重要で、よく知られている,   emit [verb] 放射する。(特にガスや放射線などの何か)を放出する,   refined [adj] 精製する。発展した、または改善された,  




According to the article, what factors have led to a lower demand for coal?



What percentage of the electricity generated by coal is produced by burning coal at low temperatures?



In comparison with other methods, clean-coal technology reduces carbon dioxide by

Look at the underlined word or phrase and choose the answer that is closest in meaning.


Coal-fired plants in China are also threatened by water.

In the above sentence, what does the word threaten mean?



It helps generate 1,617 gigawatts of electricity.

In this sentence, what is the meaning of generate?



Based on the information in the article, why has coal processing declined in China?

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