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Asian economies underinsured for calamities 災害に対して一部保険のアジア経済

The unpredictability of natural tragedies has made it crucial for Asian nations to close the insurance-protection gap in order to safeguard their economies when disasters occur. This gap refers to the difference between insured and uninsured losses during a calamity.

In 2014, natural disasters accounted for about $101 billion, out of which half can be easily attributed to events in Asia. Glaringly, only 8% of disasters in Asia were insured, while in America the coverage was much higher at 60%.

Therefore, underinsurance is a major problem in Asia and poses a major risk to assets.

Researchers at the Bank of International Settlements have concluded that a disaster, if inadequately insured, can severely affect an economy. Conversely, the instability is only temporary in case of good insurance coverage.

Asian countries need to divert some investments into disaster insurance policies or disaster bonds to protect their economies from collapsing because of unpredictable events.

Key Vocabularies :
tragedy [noun] 惨事、悲劇。人々が苦しんだり、命を失ったりするようなとても悲しい出来事,   crucial [adj] 重大な。何かの結果に大きな影響を与えるために、極めて重要であること,   safeguard [verb] を守る、保護する。何かまたは誰かが危害を加えられるのを守る,   calamity [noun] 災難、惨事。深刻な損害を与えたり、多くの人々を苦しめたりする事象,   glaring [adj] はなばなしさ、目立つこと。とても明白な,  




According to the article, how can Asian economies face natural disasters better?



In 2014, global losses due to natural disasters amounted to



How much damage was covered by insurance in America last year?

Look at the underlined word or phrase and choose the answer that is closest in meaning.


Disasters in America had coverage of over 60%.

In the above sentence, what does the word coverage mean?



If a disaster is inadequately insured, it can severely affect an economy.

In this sentence, what is the meaning of inadequate?



Based on the information in the article, how can countries minimize the economic impact of natural disasters?

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