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Tesco’s supplier rebates: A consumer debate テスコの供給業者リベート、消費者の論争

Tesco, a prominent supermarket chain in Britain, is making news recently because of the huge rebates the company receives from suppliers. These rebates usually come in two forms: as slotting fees and as marketing or distribution fees. The suppliers give it for getting a good place on Tesco’s shelves. But the burden of these rebates falls on consumers, which prompted many countries, including Poland, to ban them.

The supermarkets generally ask for such rebates because of rising competition in the market from cheaper brands and retailers. Tesco was also facing stiff competition, which led to declining profits and property value of the supermarket chain.

In order to tackle the problem, Tesco first decided to cut thousands of jobs and reduce the perks of executives. In December 2014, the company decided to sell off its corporate jets that were used by executives. Another decision that was taken to compete in the market was to increase supplier rebates. But this is being criticized by consumers because the burden of rebates is ultimately put on them. In response, Tesco has declared that it will reduce rebates from 24 types to just 3 by 2017.

Key Vocabularies :
prominent [adj] 著名な。広く知られた,   distribution [noun] 流通、配分、配給。特に小売店などに商品を販売したり、供給したりするプロセス,   slot [verb] 地位、時間枠。に入れる、場所に割り当てる,   shelf [noun] 棚。物を置くことができる平らな板,   perks [noun] 特典。通常の給与とは別に受け取る追加のもの,  




According to the article, why are Tesco’s sales and profits declining?



When did Tesco decide to sell its corporate jets?



Tesco plans to reduce its rebate types to

Look at the underlined word or phrase and choose the answer that is closest in meaning.


The burden of the rebates falls on the consumers.

In this sentence, what does burden refer to?



The burden of rebates prompted many countries to ban them.

In this sentence, what does prompt mean?



Based on the information in the article, what steps has Tesco taken to deal with competition and complaints?

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