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Taxing for growth 成長のための税金

Leading international organizations, including the UN, have been engaged in developing ways to achieve sustainable development and aiding the underdeveloped and developing nations of the world. This was one of the main themes of the UN’s third international conference on Financing for Development held in Ethiopia between July 13 and 16.

Taxation policies in developing nations have often been regarded as a root cause for slow economic development in the less-privileged regions. Poor countries need to improve their tax collections because international aid is inadequate to ensure economic growth. For a comparison, taxes in developed countries contribute 34% to GDP, but only 13% in developing countries. Somalia is a good example where poor taxation policies have affected growth.

The sustainable development goals of the UN for the next 15 years include removal of poverty, secondary education for children, and fighting life-threatening diseases like AIDS and malaria.

The conference also reviewed the progress in implementing the Monterrey Consensus and the Doha Declaration toward growth and development.

Key Vocabularies :
engage [verb] 従事する。(長々と)対応する,   aid [verb] 支援、援助。便利なものまたは必要なものを提供する,   theme [noun] テーマ、主題。議論されている主題,   privilege [noun] 特権のある、特権的な。特別な権利または利点を持っている,   review [verb] 見直す、確認する。再び検査する、調査する,  




According to the article, what was the theme of the UN Conference on Financing for Development?



Taxes contribute ______ to the GDP in developed countries.



UN’s sustainable development goals include

Look at the underlined word or phrase and choose the answer that is closest in meaning.


International aid is inadequate to ensure economic growth.

In the above sentence, what does the word inadequate mean?



The sustainable development goals include fighting life-threatening diseases.

In this sentence, what is the meaning of life-threatening?



Based on the information in the article, how can developing countries generate better revenues?

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