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Dell to acquire EMC in the biggest ever tech deal デル、EMCを買収 IT業界で過去最大

In a major announcement on October 12, EMC accepted the $67-billion price tag offered by Dell for a takeover. This is the biggest tech deal in history and adds to a series of recent mergers across many industries.

According to Dell, eight banks have committed to finance as much as $49 billion for the deal. Dell will raise another $10 billion through the market, with institutional shareholders chipping in with a further $8 billion.

The Dell-EMC deal evokes memories of two other buyouts in the 1990s: IBM bought Lotus, and Compaq bought Digital Equipment Corporation. The first was a success, while the second turned out to be a failure.

Experts speculate that the acquisition will help Dell make a major play in the cloud computing industry. Besides, it might position Dell better in competing with Chinese vendors. However, Dell will have to find ways to reduce its debt burden after the merger. It could either engage in cost-cutting measures or sell off its weaker businesses to raise cash.

Key Vocabularies :
chip in [verb] みんなでお金を少しずつ出し合う。共同活動や費用などで自分の分を出すこと,   commit [verb] 約束する。(誰かまたは何か)が何かを確実に行うと言うこと,   evoke [verb] を呼び起こす。想起する、呼び覚ます,   buyout [noun] 買収、買い占め。企業の乗っ取りまたは買収,   speculate [verb] 推測する。将来を予言する、予測する,  




According to the article, how will EMC’s takeover help Dell?



Which of the following is the biggest tech deal in history?



Institutional shareholders will finance how much money for the deal?

Look at the underlined word or phrase and choose the answer that is closest in meaning.


The Compaq-DEC deal turned out to be a failure.

In the above sentence, what does the word turn out mean?



The acquisition will help Dell make a major play in the cloud computing industry.

Which of the following sentences uses play in the way used in the reading text?



Based on the information in the article, how can Dell tackle its debt burden?

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