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Is China as attractive for multinationals as earlier? 中国は今でも以前と同じように多国籍企業にとって魅力的な存在なのか?

When Deng Xiaoping introduced sweeping reforms in the early 1990s, it was a direct invitation for multinational companies (MNCs) to invest in China. Since then, China has proved to be a land of opportunities for foreign entities. In contrast, the other Asian tigers Japan and South Korea had followed a policy of protectionism, which discouraged MNCs. Nearly two decades later, China seems to have lost its sheen for MNCs because of its economic downturn.

This has forced many MNCs to rethink their strategy in China. For example, Walmart’s CEO and President Douglas McMillon ambitiously declared few months ago that the supermarket chain would increase its presence in China from 400 to 500 stores. Now, however, that seems unlikely with its Chinese partner reporting a 6% decline in sales at many of its stores last year.

While the challenges have forced many MNCs like Revlon and Best Buy to exit from China, more hardy foreign companies, such as fast-food chain Yum Brands and Apple, still continue to reap profits from this market.

Key Vocabularies :
sweeping [adj] 全面的な、包括的な。多くのものを含む、または関与する、広範囲の,   invitation [noun] 招待、招待状。何かをするようにだれかを誘ったり、または特定の結果を起こりそうにするような状況または動作,   entity [noun] 存在物、実在物、実在。それ自体で存在する何か、他のものとは分離されているものか,   ambitious [adj] 野心的な、目標の高い。簡単に達成できない,   reap [verb] 受ける、獲得する。報酬などを受け取る,  




Historically, why has China been a bigger attraction for MNCs than Japan and South Korea?



Walmart’s Chinese partner has reported how much decline in its sales?



Deng Xiaoping introduced the economic reforms in China in

Look at the underlined word or phrase and choose the answer that is closest in meaning.


China seems to have lost its sheen for MNCs.

In this sentence, what does sheen refer to?



China has proved to be a land ___ opportunities ___ foreign entities.

Which of the following pairs of prepositions would you use to complete the sentence?



Based on the information in the article, why are many MNCs showing declining sales in China?

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