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FinTech: The most promising industry of 2016? フィンテックは2016年の最も有望な業界か

Financial Technology (FinTech) companies are emerging as an important and decisive group of institutions that are changing how money is lent, processed, or financed around the world. Relying on advanced software, scores of FinTech startups have succeeded in changing many established financial systems.

Global investments in FinTech have increased from only $3 billion in 2013 to $12 billion in 2014. According to a report by Accenture, investments in the Asia-Pacific region alone reached $3.5 billion between January and September 2015 in comparison with only $880 million throughout 2014.

FinTech startups are having a major say in the banking and insurance sectors, particularly in processes related to payments, investments, and financing. Industry experts are already anticipating the end of traditional payment systems because of the revolutionary technology called blockchain.

Many FinTech startups are transforming the world of finance. Financial planning software from Advizr, cloud-based marketplace from Airex, and financial monitoring and notification services from Call Levels are only few of the disruptive FinTech solutions that will create a huge impact in 2016.

Key Vocabularies :
scores [noun] 多数。多くの、多い数,   disruptive [adj] 破壊的な。革新的な、草分けな,   anticipate [verb] 楽しみにして待つ。(将来に何かが起こると)考えること,   notification [noun] 通知。誰かに対し公式な情報を伝えるもの,   monitor [verb] 常に監視する。経過を追う,  




How are FinTech companies changing our financial world?



Which technology could completely change the way we make payments?



Which of the following FinTech companies has developed a cloud-based marketplace?

Look at the underlined word or phrase and choose the answer that is closest in meaning.


They are changing how money is lent.

In the above sentence, the word lent is used as



FinTech startups are having a major say in the banking and insurance sectors.

Which of the following sentences uses say in the way it is used in the text?



According to the text, what is the future of the financial sector?

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