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What’s inside the Grammy and Oscar gift bags? グラミーとオスカーのギフトバックの中身

This February, many brands and companies will showcase their wares in the gift bags for all major nominees at the Grammy and Oscar awards.

After the 58th Grammy Awards event on February 15, at least 150 Grammy attendees walked away with a gift bag worth $22000. The bag included holiday packages, fitness plans, interior-decorating services, and even sweets coated with gold. The most expensive gift was a $6,180 Fit Club TV Ultimate Fitness Package, which includes seven nights at a Hilton Head Island fitness resort.

At the upcoming Oscar awards later this month, each of the 25 acting and directing nominees will receive a gift bag worth $230,000. The most expensive item will be a first class, 10-day trip to Israel worth almost $55,000, followed by a 15-day walking tour of Japan at around $45,000. Other attractions in the bag included unlimited Audi car rentals and a lifetime supply of Lizora skin creams.

While some of the celebrities might never actually use all products in the gift bag, the idea of filling so many goodies is clearly a marketing plan by various companies to grab the attention of the world media.

Key Vocabularies :
attendee [noun] 出席者、参列者。会議や他の会合に出席している人,   coat [verb] の表面を覆う。層を提供する、または何かを覆うこと,   celebrity [noun] 有名人、セレブ。著名人、よく名の知られた人,   showcase [verb] 展示する。(何かまたは誰かを)魅力的な方法で見せること,   attraction [noun] アトラクション。人々が訪れたい、見たい、またはしたいと思う、面白い、または楽しい何か,  




What is special about the gift bag given at the Grammys?



The Fit Club TV Ultimate Fitness Package includes seven nights at a



The 10-day trip to Israel is worth

Look at the underlined word or phrase and choose the answer that is closest in meaning.


It includes seven nights at a Hilton Head Island fitness resort.

In the above sentence, what does the word resort mean?



It will be followed ___ a 15-day walking tour of Japan ___ around $45,000.

Which of the following pairs of prepositions would you use to complete the sentence?



Why are so many products from various companies given away as gifts?

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