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Royal Enfield: A resilient brand ロイヤルエンフィールド、立ち直りが早いブランド

A Royal Enfield may not be among the best of motorbikes, but it has, through the years, built an appeal that cannot be matched by any other motorbike. It claims to be the oldest motorbike in continuous production. It started in colonial India as part of a British firm, but went on to become an independent company with a distinctive product.

Initially, Royal Enfield motorbikes were used by the Indian army and the police, but now sales are driven by consumers. Last month, more than 49,000 Enfields were sold, which was a 63% increase from February 2015. The market capitalization of its parent company Eicher Motors briefly surpassed that of highly rated company Harley-Davidson.

This is a miracle of sorts because in 2000, Royal Enfield was on the brink of being closed down. However, since then, the company has seen an amazing turnaround under Siddhartha Lal, CEO of Eicher Motors. He introduced certain key changes in the motorbike, which include an electronic fuel-injection system to improve mileage and an aluminum engine to reduce fuel leakage.

In spite of these changes, the Royal Enfield still retains its distinctive "thumping" sound which draws buyers in spite of its steep price and long waiting list.

Key Vocabularies :
brink [noun] 危機、瀬戸際。優勢な地位、優位――新しいまたは異なる状況が始まる時点,   distinctive [adj] 独特な、特有の。何かを際立たせたり、目立たせたりする特別な特性を持っていること,   appeal [noun] アピール。魅力的であること、また面白いことの質,   surpass [verb] 上回る。勝ること,   turnaround [noun] 転換。悪い状態から好転すること,  




Why is Royal Enfield a unique company?



In pre-independent India, the parent company of Royal Enfield was



Recently, the valuation of Eicher was more than that of

Look at the underlined word or phrase and choose the answer that is closest in meaning.


He introduced certain key changes in the motorbike

In the above sentence, what does the word key mean?



This is ____ of sorts.

Which of the following options would you use to complete the sentence?



Why is Royal Enfield registering good sales figures in recent times?

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