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Global steel market: No more good business 冷え込む全世界の鉄鋼市場

Late last month, Britain’s largest producer Tata Steel announced that it is likely to close its operations in the country. This announcement threatens the jobs of more than 4300 workers in the town of Port Talbot in South Wales. The plight of UK’s steel industry reflects the condition of the global steel market as well.

Market analysts blame China, the largest producer and consumer of steel in the world, for dumping its steel in foreign markets. According to the International Steel Statistics Bureau, steel production in China in the last two years has exceeded Britain’s total production since 1900. Data from the China Iron and Steel Association shows that 112 million tons of China’s total crude steel output of 803 million tons was exported last year.

In fact, steel production in the developing world is growing much faster than in the advanced world. In contrast, production costs are too high in the West to make steel a viable business. Factors like high taxes, energy expenses, and salaries contribute to the high operating costs.

Key Vocabularies :
plight [noun] 苦境。危険な、困難な、または不幸な状況,   reflect [verb] 反映する。何かの存在または特質を示すこと,   viable [adj] 実行可能な、実用的な。使用できる、行うことができる,   output [noun] 生産、産出。人、組織、システムなどが生産する何かの量,   announcement [noun] 発表。人々に何かについての情報を提供する公な声明,  




What is worrying steel workers in Britain?



Where is Port Talbot?



In 2015, China exported ____ million tons of steel.

Look at the underlined word or phrase and choose the answer that is closest in meaning.


This announcement threatens the jobs of more than 4300 workers.

In the above sentence, what does the word threaten mean?



Market _______ blame China.

Which of the following options would you use to complete the sentence?



Why are steel producers more in trouble in the advanced world than in the developing world?

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