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Is there a Room 420 in your hotel? ホテルに420号室はありますか?

April 20, which can also be referred to as 4/20, was celebrated in many parts of the world as International Weed Day. The number 420 is of great significance for Cannabis users. Now, however, the number has a negative meaning, so much so that hotels around the world are preferring not to have any Room 420.

More than anything else, hoteliers are aware that the number 420 is a major attraction for pot smokers and they want to avoid ugly situations that could arise if they have a Room 420. In fact, a hotel in Colorado has decided to stencil the number directly on the door of its Room 420 because the placard has been repeatedly stolen by mischief-makers.

Some other hotels have taken an easier way out by not having a Room 420 at all. They skip directly from Room 419 to Room 421. In a comic variation to avoid links with marijuana, one hotel has a room called "419+1."

In course of time, Room 420 has become as undesirable as Room 13 or Floor 13 in hotels, which are associated with superstitious beliefs.

Key Vocabularies :
ugly [adj] 不快な、嫌な。暴力や他の不愉快な経験に関する,   placard [noun] 名札、張り紙。紙のサイン・標識,   comic [adj] 喜劇の。笑いを誘う,   superstitious [adj] 迷信的な、迷信に関する。未知のものへの恐怖に基づく考え,   celebrate [verb] 祝う。その機会または出来事が特別であることを示すために、楽しめることを行うこと,  




Why are hotels avoiding rooms with number 420 on them?



April 20 is considered as



What was being stolen from Room 420 of a hotel in Colorado?

Look at the underlined word or phrase and choose the answer that is closest in meaning.


Hoteliers are aware that the number 420 is a major attraction for pot smokers.

In the above sentence, what does the word aware mean?



In a comic ________ to avoid links with marijuana, one hotel has a room called "419+1."

Which of the following options would you use to complete the sentence?



How are hotels dealing with the 420 problem?

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