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A rollback of perks in Silicon Valley シリコンバレーで特典の削減

Dwindling flow of venture capital, lower market valuations, and the economic downturn have forced many tech startups in Silicon Valley to withdraw some employee perks.

Even a successful business like Dropbox, currently valued at $10 billion, is feeling the pressure. In March, the file-hosting and cloud storage company cancelled its free shuttle service in San Francisco, stopped the gym washing service, and put a cap on the number of guests at dinner time to five a month.

Apart from Dropbox, unicorn firms like Evernote, Jawbone, and Tango have also introduced cuts in employee perks to cut costs.

The work culture at many startups is based on such perks, and withdrawing them suddenly could have a negative impact on the employees. From their point of view, it is better not to have them in the first place than to lose them later.

As the downturn grips Silicon Valley, perhaps it is time for tech firms to evaluate how workplace goodies can help both the employer and the employee.

Key Vocabularies :
dwindling [adj] だんだん少なくなる。規模や数が下降する、または減少する,   shuttle [noun] 定期往復便、シャトル便。定期的に2つの地点を往復する輸送形態,   cap [noun] 上限。何かに対する上限,   grip [verb] 支配、掌握力。誰かに強い影響力を持っていること,   evaluate [verb] 評価する。判断を下す前に何かについて注意深く考えること,  




Why are tech startups withdrawing some of their employee perks?



How many dinner guests can a Dropbox employee get in a month?



According to a recent rule, Dropbox employees in San Francisco are not eligible to

Look at the underlined word or phrase and choose the answer that is closest in meaning.


Dropbox is feeling the pressure.

In the above sentence, what does the word pressure mean?



The work culture at many startups is based on such perks, and ___ them suddenly could have a negative impact.

Which of the following words would you use to complete the sentence?



According to the text, what should tech startups do in today’s situation?

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