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Straddling bus: Traffic solution for the future ストラドリング・バス、未来の渋滞解決策

In 1969, architects Craig Hodgetts and Lester Walker conceived the idea of a giant bus that could ply between Boston and Washington D.C. The bus would run at an elevation above the road, thus allowing smaller vehicles like cars to pass below. The primary objective was to reduce road congestion. Half a century later, Chinese researchers are testing a similar bus called the "straddling bus," which is so called because it straddles the road without blocking traffic.

In an interview with China’s official news agency Xinhua, chief engineer Song Youzhou said that the bus will run on electricity and hold up to 1400 passengers, the equivalent of 40 busloads. Apart from reducing fuel consumption by 800 tons and carbon emissions by 2500 tons each year, the bus will also ease traffic jams because it leaves the road free for other vehicles. Vehicles less than 7 feet high can pass below the bus. The straddling bus will also eliminate the need to build subways. In fact, the bus can be manufactured at only 15% of the cost of building a subway.

According to reports, Beijing-based firm Transit Explore Bus is manufacturing a life-size model in Changzhou, which will be road tested in July or August.

Key Vocabularies :
ply [verb] 定期的に往復する。ルートまたはコースを定期的に往復する,   elevation [noun] 高さ。場所の高さ,   congestion [noun] 混雑、密集、渋滞。過剰充填、または混雑している,   eliminate [verb] 取り除く、削除する。望まれていないもの、必要ないものを取り除くこと,   model [noun] モデル。物体。通常、別の物を表している。,  




How will the straddling bus increase road use?



The straddling bus, when implemented, can reduce annual carbon emissions by



How many passengers can the straddling bus carry?

Look at the underlined word or phrase and choose the answer that is closest in meaning.


They conceived the idea of a giant bus.

In the above sentence, what does the word conceive mean?



The bus can be manufactured ___ only 15% of the cost __ building a subway.

Which of the following prepositions would you use to complete the sentence?



Why is the idea of a straddling bus so attractive?

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