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A grape for $360 360ドルのブドウ

A bunch of Ruby Roman grapes was sold for a record-breaking 1.1 million yen or approximately $10,938 at an auction in the central Japanese city of Kanazawa. It was the very first bunch of the season containing about 30 grapes and each weighing close to 20 grams. The price of each grape comes down to $360.

The grapes were grown in Ishikawa prefecture and confirmed to meet the qualifications necessary to be classified as a Ruby Roman, weighing 0.7 ounces and containing a sugar content of at least 18%.

Takamaru Konishi, who placed the bid, was representing Kurashi Kaientai supermarket in Hyogo prefecture. He told reporters that the bunch will be displayed at a tasting event at the store, and given to shoppers for free.

These first grapes are considered to bring prestige and good luck, therefore often fetching much higher prices than normal.

Key Vocabularies :
approximately [adv] およそ。何かが完全ではないが、ほぼ正しいまたは正確であることを示すために使用される,   bunch [noun] 房。たくさんの物、一般的に一緒に成長した同じ種類の物,   bid [noun] 入札する、に値をつける。何かを一定の額で支払うと申し出ること,   prestige [noun] 信用、威信。他人からの評価,   fetch [verb] の値で売れる。一定の価格で販売されること、を生む,  




What was the record set in the city of Kanazawa?



Where were the grapes grown?



What should be the minimum sugar content in a Ruby Roman grape?

Look at the underlined word or phrase and choose the answer that is closest in meaning.


The grapes were confirmed as Ruby Roman grapes.

In the above sentence, what does the word confirm mean?



It was the very first bunch ___ the season containing about 30 grapes and each weighing close ___ 20 grams.

Which of the following pairs of prepositions would you use to complete the sentence?



Why are the first Ruby Roman grapes of the season so expensive?

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