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Apple’s clean-up of App Store ahead of iPhone launch アップル、iPhone発表前にApp Storeの大掃除

Apple is all set to launch the latest version of its smartphone, the iPhone 7, on September 7. With the launch event coming up in a few days, Apple has released a new set of guidelines for its App Store. Apple has already notified developers about the upcoming changes that have been designed to make it easier for customers to find high-quality app content.

The guidelines include a limitation to the length of an app’s name to 50 characters. Apps that break the rule will be booted from the store if developers don’t make changes within 30 days of being contacted by Apple.

Apple will also begin removing old, outdated apps that have not received compatibility updates, do not comply with current review guidelines, or that no longer function as intended. This will see the elimination of many older apps that have been long abandoned.

Apple has been dedicating its resources in an effort to improve the App Store. Apple announced its plans to open up app subscriptions to all product categories, offer more favorable subscription revenue splits, improve sharing tools, and introduce ads to App Store search results to give developers new ways to promote their apps.

Key Vocabularies :
character [noun] 文字。文字や数字を表す記号,   outdated [adj] 流行遅れの。廃れた,   compatibility [noun] 互換性。大きな変更なしで他のシステムで運営可能なこと,   update [noun] 最新版。最新情報,   comply [verb] 従う。応じる,  




Why is Apple making changes to guidelines for the App Store?



What is Apple’s latest offering that is about to launch?



What is the name of Apple’s app distribution platform for iOS?

Look at the underlined word or phrase and choose the answer that is closest in meaning.


This will see the elimination of many older apps.

In the above sentence, what does the word elimination mean?



Developers have ___ make changes within 30 days of being contacted ___ Apple.

Which of the following pairs of prepositions would you use to complete the sentence?



What are the rules for apps to be removed from the App Store?

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