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Uber’s drive to the future 未来に向かって進むウーバー

Uber has become the first ride-sharing service to make self-driving cars available to the general public in the U.S. It selected a group of customers to take free rides in autonomous Ford Fusions, with human drivers as backups, through a test program in Pittsburgh. Passengers who hailed an Uber X were picked up by one of the city’s many human drivers, or by one of a tiny fleet of autonomous vehicles.

The cars come equipped with a large rotating laser mounted on the roof. The car is also fitted with 20 external cameras, measurement devices for acceleration and orientation, 360-degree radar sensors and separate antennae for GPS positioning and wireless data.

On the interior, the cars look remarkably ordinary other than the two extra buttons in the center console and a fan that whirls continuously in the trunk, cooling the extra machinery.

The cars are not truly driverless yet. An Uber employee sat behind the wheel during the trial run, ready to take over if something went wrong. A second employee sits in the front passenger seat, monitoring a screen, alerting the pilot to what the car sees, including other cars, upcoming traffic, potential obstacles and elevation.

Key Vocabularies :
pick up [verb] (人を)車で拾う。人または物を集める行為(特に車両で),   fleet [noun] 保有車両。ひとつのユニットとして一緒に運営されているたくさんの車両,   orientation [noun] 方位。何かの相対的な位置または方向,   remarkably [adv] 際だって、著しく。驚くほど,   console [noun] コンソール、制御盤。機械、電気、または電子装置の中央制御パネル,  




What was Uber’s latest achievement?



Where did Uber test its self-driven cars with the public?



Which of the following can be found on Uber’s self-drive cars?

Look at the underlined word or phrase and choose the answer that is closest in meaning.


A fan whirls continuously in the trunk.

In the above sentence, what does the word whirl mean?



They were picked up ___ one ___ the city’s many human drivers.

Which of the following pairs of prepositions would you use to complete the sentence?



What limits the car from being driverless?

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