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A world without human interactions 人間の交流がない世界

Let us summarize the things we can do today without talking to a human: we can take a cab ride, shop, order food, and pay our bills. A day might soon come when we need not interact with anyone we don’t want to talk with.

This train of thought has been prompted by Amazon’s announcement on December 5 that it is opening a grocery store with no cashiers and no checkout lines. The store, which will open in early 2017 in Seattle, will enable customers to pick up what they want and walk out without having to bother about paying. The payment will be taken care of by an app called Amazon Go, which is incidentally the name of the store as well.

Customers will need to register with Amazon Go, which will carry out the transaction based on the stored payment information. The store will use sensors, computer vision, and deep learning to track customers as they move about the store, and automatically register which items they pick up.

The advantage of such stores without cashiers is that there will be no long lines for checking out. However, the livelihood of millions of cashiers who work at U.S. stores will be at stake.

Key Vocabularies :
train [noun] 列、行列。続くこと、連続,   incidentally [adv] ところで、ついでながら。現在の主題に関連していない意見を加えるために使用される。,   livelihood [noun] 生計、暮らし。生きるために必要なお金を提供する仕事などの何か,   at stake [noun] 集中させる。制圧する,   check out [verb] 精算をする。離れる前に請求を支払うこと,  




What will be the main advantage of Amazon’s new grocery store?



What is the name of the app that will handle payments for Amazon's cashier-less stores?



What technology will the store use to record the movements of customers?

Look at the underlined word or phrase and choose the answer that is closest in meaning.


Let us summarize the things we can do today without talking to a human.

In the above sentence, what does the word summarize mean?



It is opening a grocery store with no checkout lines.

In this sentence, the word checkout is used as



What could be a negative impact of cashier-less stores?

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