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Mushroom coffee: The next superfood マッシュルームコーヒー、次のスーパーフード

In the quest for healthy beverages, Finnish company Four Sigmatic seems to have hit on a magic formula: coffee, cocoa, and other blends enriched with mushroom powder. Since there is no solid add-on, consumers find it easier to gulp down their drink without noticing a major change in taste.

The mushroom extract, in powder form, is prepared by separating and then drying the main constituents of the fungi. According to the company, the powder is rich in healthy compounds, which exist in a highly-concentrated form.

After a rigorous testing process, the mushroom extract is added to organic instant coffee granules to create a mix; all you have to do is add water and sip your new superfood drink.

But what is special about mushrooms? Four Sigmatic uses two mushroom varieties in its green coffee mix: maitake and chaga. The first helps maintain blood sugar levels (particularly for patients of Type 2 diabetes), while the latter fights acidity.

However, mushroom intake should be properly regulated to avoid side effects, and patients with some pre-existing diseases should consult their physician about safety precautions.

Key Vocabularies :
blend [noun] 混合。異なる物を混ぜる、または組み合わせてできた物,   concentrated [adj] 濃縮した、濃厚な。他の物質と比較して高比率である状態,   granule [noun] 小粒、微粒。物質の小さな分子,   physician [noun] 医師。医者,   sip [verb] すする、ちびちび飲む。すする、ちびちび飲む。,  




How is the mushroom extract prepared by Four Sigmatic?



Maitake helps in the treatment of



Which of the following is needed to enjoy Four Sigmatic’s coffee?

Look at the underlined word or phrase and choose the answer that is closest in meaning.


The powder is rich in healthy compounds.

In the above sentence, what does compound mean?



The first helps maintain blood sugar levels.

In the text, the word maintain is used as



Why is it important to control mushroom consumption in coffee?

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