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Video games increase unemployment? ビデオゲームは失業を増やすか?

Unlike earlier decades when the television was primarily responsible for couch potatoes and unproductivity, it’s now the rising popularity of video games that is having a similar effect on society. In fact, according to a research published by a group of economists, high-end video games might have a direct link with the lower employment rate among the youth.

Mark Aguiar, Mark Bulks, Kerwin Charles, and Erik Hurst refer to such video games as "leisure luxuries" that have prevented many young people from seeking employment. Their study shows that between 2000-2015, employment among youth in their 20s and without a college education fell by 10% to 72%. Further, the time spent at work is inversely proportional to the time spent in leisure activities like video games; for every half hour less at work, leisure activities increase by an hour.

While some video games are played over only one session (which could run into hours), others are played over days and weeks and turn addictive, with any thought of work pushed to the subconscious.

A worrying aspect is that the video-gaming industry continues to grow at a fast pace, with sales reaching $100 billion last year. The increasing popularity of these games, particularly among the younger generation, could have a detrimental effect on the society and the economy.

Key Vocabularies :
high-end [adj] 高価な、贅沢な。多くの可処分所得のある消費者に受ける,   proportional [adj] 比例する、対応する。大きさ、数、または量が、何かと直接的に関連していること,   session [noun] 期間、会期。特定の活動に費やされた期間,   addictive [adj] 中毒性の。やめることができない習性,   detrimental [adj] 有害な。害を与える傾向がある,  




Why are video games leading to unemployment among youth?



What was the total business of video games worldwide in 2016?



What was the employment rate among youth in their 20s in 2015?

Look at the underlined word or phrase and choose the answer that is closest in meaning.


Any thought of work is pushed to the subconscious.

In the above sentence, what does the word subconscious mean?



That have prevented many young people from _________ employment.

Which of the following words can be used to complete the sentence?



Why are people concerned about the effect of video games?

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