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A burglar-safe 3D-printed key 3Dプリントされた盗難防止の鍵

We usually lock our homes and other valuables to keep them safe from burglars. However, the biggest drawback of a key is that it can be easily duplicated. To avoid this problem, mechanical engineer Dr Alejandro Ojeda has collaborated with 3D-printing expert Felix Reinert and lock designer Jiri Holda to develop a 3D-printed key called the "Stealth Key."

They have co-founded UrbanAlps, a company based in Zurich, Switzerland, and are already serving few pilot customers. The "Stealth Key" is made of titanium and designed inside out to keep many design elements hidden from view and thus prevent copies.

The manufacturing process is the same laser technique followed for making jet engine parts and turbines. A single key can be manufactured in half a day, but the machine can produce up to 850 different keys at the same time.

Each pair of keys, along with the lock, will cost you $200. In case you lose the keys, the replacement will cost just as much, and you would have to fulfill a security check. You would also have to wait an additional day to receive the replacement.

Key Vocabularies :
burglar [noun] 泥棒。犯罪を行うために建物に侵入する人,   drawback [noun] 弱点。何かをより満足できないものにする特性,   collaborate [verb] 協力する、協働する。何かを達成するか行うために、別の人や集団とともに働くこと,   elements [noun] 要素。全体を構成する部分,   pilot [noun] 試験的な、案内の。全面的に使用する前の実験または試用,  




What is the advantage of the 3D-printed key developed by UrbanAlps?



The Stealth Key is made of



What is the cost of a pair of Stealth keys along with the lock?

Look at the underlined word or phrase and choose the answer that is closest in meaning.


The biggest drawback of a key is that it can be easily duplicated.

In the above sentence, what does the word duplicate mean?



The "Stealth Key" is made __ titanium and designed inside out __ keep many design elements hidden.

Which of the following pairs of prepositions would you use to complete the sentence?



Which of the following is true for replacement of the 3D keys?

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