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Taxes to fund public transport in Los Angeles ロサンゼルス公共交通機関の資金を課税によって調達

It was a dream come true for most Angelenos when Los Angeles transit authority established the rail link between the city’s famous downtown and Santa Monica in May 2016. The city was lacking a railway facility connecting the center to the Westside beaches of the city, for almost six decades.

After a year, Los Angeles is bracing up to build another rail link to the traffic-congested International Airport, including new rapid-transit bus routes and extended subway lines. This program will be financed by Measure M, a ballot proposal passed by majority votes in November 2016 to raise the sales tax by half a cent.

Excess traffic on roads and the reduction in state funding have forced authorities to take such taxation measures to pay for public transport. Inrix, a traffic-analysis firm, surveyed in 2016 that Los Angeles has the worst traffic in the world.

Other US cities like Atlanta and Seattle are now following the same Measure M procedure. The new plan, which may come into effect in July 2017, is expected to collect a gross $120bn for transport over the next 40 years.

Key Vocabularies :
brace up [verb] 支える、強める。準備する,   congested [adj] 混雑した、渋滞した。(道または場所が)交通や人で非常に混雑している、または自由に移動することを妨げる,   ballot [noun] 投票、票。特定の問題について無記名で投票すること,   authorities [noun] 当局。管理統制力をもつ人々。行政機関。,   analysis [noun] 分析。何かを理解または説明するために、詳しく調査または検査すること,  




What is the importance of the rail line between downtown and Santa Monica?



The new rail link to the Los Angeles Airport will be funded by



Which of the following is a traffic-analysis firm?

Look at the underlined word or phrase and choose the answer that is closest in meaning.


The city was lacking a railway facility.

In the above sentence, what does the word lack mean?



The city was lacking a railway facility connecting the center __ the Westside beaches __ the city.

Which of the following pairs of prepositions would you use to complete the sentence?



Why have the authorities turned to taxation to fund transport projects?

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