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New excise duty and diesel fears hit car sales in UK 新しい車両使用税とディーゼルの懸念、英国の自動車販売数に打撃

In March, car sales in the UK jumped 8.4% to 562,337 units. However, sales in April declined by 20%. There was a very good reason for this topsy-turvy market behavior: a major change in the vehicle tax system.

It was announced some time ago that a new vehicle excise duty would be levied from April. In a rush to avoid paying that tax, many consumers took advantage of the buffer time and bought cars in March. As expected, there was a sharp fall in the number of new registrations in April. In comparison with 170,000 cars registered by business and government agencies in March, there were only 152,076 such registrations in April.

Although cars with all fuel types slumped in April, diesel cars were the worst hit with a decline of 27% vis-a-vis the same month last year. This could be a result of fears that poisonous emissions like nitrogen dioxide is leading to untimely deaths. To allay the danger, the government is reportedly offering incentives to drivers to scrap diesel cars and thereby reduce air pollution.

Key Vocabularies :
topsy-turvy [adj] 混乱した、めちゃくちゃの。混乱した状態の,   buffer [noun] 和らげる、減らす。影響力を軽減する、または吸収するなにか,   levy [verb] 課する。税金、手数料、罰金を追わせること,   allay [verb] 緊張や激しさを鎮めたり減らしたりする。鎮静させる、静かにさせる,   incentive [noun] 奨励。人に何かをするように奨励するもの,  




What was the main reason for the decline in UK car sales in April?



In April, sales of diesel cars declined by



How many cars were registered by government agencies and the corporate sector in March?

Look at the underlined word or phrase and choose the answer that is closest in meaning.


The government is encouraging drivers to scrap diesel cars.

In the above sentence, what does the word scrap mean?



There was a sharp fall in the number of new ______.

Which of the following options would you use to complete the sentence?



According to the text, what step has the UK government taken to reduce air pollution?

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