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Game-changer for water purification 浄水のゲームチャンジャー

Clean water is a scarce commodity, and the situation is getting worse with many sources of fresh water drying up due to global warming. Under such dire circumstances, Dr Howard Stone from Princeton has come up with a novel idea to purify water without using any costly or complex filtration process.

Using a process called diffusiophoresis, he mixed carbon dioxide with water to form carbonic acid. This solution contains positively charged hydrogen ions and negatively charged carbonate ions, which mix with dirt and charge it. The charge difference makes it easier to isolate the dirt from clean water. The technology is similar to the one used to add fizz to soda.

Dr Stone’s process removes almost all the impurity in the water, leaving only 0.0005% of undesirable substances. Besides, the process uses far less energy than other purification methods, and doesn’t require any other material apart from carbon dioxide. Dr Stone proposes to acquire the required carbon dioxide from power stations and other industrial process. That would make the development of a full-scale version cost-effective as well.

According to the researchers, the process can be used to clean water from a pond or river that has bacteria and dirt particles

Key Vocabularies :
novel [adj] 目新しい、奇抜な。新しい、オリジナルの、革新的な,   isolate [verb] を隔離する、分離する。他のものから完全に分離すること,   fizz [noun] フィズ、泡。清涼飲料水の炭酸,   dire [adj] 悲惨な。非常に悪い、大きな恐れや心配を引き起こす,   charge [noun] を充電する、に帯電する。電気の量,  




What is new about Dr Stone’s idea of purifying water?



What is the impurity left after Dr Stone's purification process?



Carbonic acid is produced by mixing water with

Look at the underlined word or phrase and choose the answer that is closest in meaning.


It does not use any costly or complex filtration process.

In the above sentence, what does the word complex mean?



This solution contains positively _________ hydrogen ions.

Which of the following options would you use to complete the sentence?



What is the advantage of Dr Stone’s purification process?

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