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British Airways reveals the fault behind its May meltdown 英BA、5月のシステム障害の原因を公開

Willie Walsh, CEO of International Airlines Group, the parent company of British Airways, has confirmed in a statement that a human error caused the technical problem last month, which affected 75,000 passengers and created havoc in the airline's operations. The situation has put pressure on British Airways chief Alex Cruz, who has been pushing to cut costs since taking charge a year ago.

The cost of passenger refunds, additional staffing and lost revenue could total between $102 million and $138 million. The airline had canceled 479 flights (59% of its operations) on May 27 and 193 flights (23% of operations) on May 28.

It has now been revealed that an engineer disconnected a power supply at a data center near London’s Heathrow Airport, leading to a shutdown of power and its backup supply. The power was then brought on in an uncontrolled fashion, which created a power surge and physically damaged servers, power distribution panels, and other connections.

An external agency will be hired to conduct an independent investigation to understand why the incident happened.

Key Vocabularies :
havoc [noun] 大混乱。大きな混乱や騒動,   shutdown [noun] 休業、閉鎖。事業、機械などの運営または活動を停止させる行為,   agency [noun] 機関、官庁。別の事業、人、またはグループの代わりに特定のサービスを提供する事業または組織,   push [verb] 押す。あるレベルや状態に届かせること,   reveal [verb] 明らかにする。(何かを)知られるようにする,  




What could be the result of the announcement by Willie Walsh?



Who is the CEO of International Airlines Group?



Who is the chief of British Airways?

Look at the underlined word or phrase and choose the answer that is closest in meaning.


He has been pushing to cut costs since taking charge a year ago.

In the above sentence, the word charge means



An external agency will be _______.

Which of the following options would you use to complete the sentence?



What happened when power was restored after the shutdown?

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