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The future camera: How small is small? 未来のカメラ、小型はどれくらい小型なのか

Dr Ali Hajimiri, who works at the California Institute of Technology, has developed a camera called optical phased-array receiver (OPA). The OPA, which is completely flat, forms the photographic image from light collected through 64 tiny devices called grating couplers. Each coupler measures only five by two microns.

The amount of light collected by the couplers is controlled by devices called photodiodes. This enables the camera to point in any direction without being physically moved. It is also possible for the OPA to capture different types of images. For a close up, the camera scans the specific part of the object in greater detail; for a long shot, it scans the entire field.

Dr Hajimiri’s lensless camera still has a long way to go, however, before being mass produced. The current version can only capture hazy images. To match a high-end mobile camera, the OPA needs to have at least 1 million couplers in order to increase the amount of light collected by the device. But even with so many couplers, the OPA would still be extremely small with an area of only one square centimeter.

Dr Hajimiri is confident of taking his prototype to the production stage by 2022.

Key Vocabularies :
shot [noun] ショット、場面。写真,   hazy [adj] かすんだ、ぼんやりした。明確でない、ぼやけた,   scan [verb] スキャンする、取り込む。デジタル形式の情報を読んだり、保存したりするための機械を使用すること,   capture [verb] 捉える、獲得する。言葉や写真で正確に記録する,   high-end [adj] 高価な、贅沢な。多くの可処分所得のある消費者に受ける,  




What is a major difference between Dr Hajimiri’s camera and those existing today?



How many grating couplers are there in the OPA?



The amount of light collected is controlled by

Look at the underlined word or phrase and choose the answer that is closest in meaning.


It scans the entire field.

In the above sentence, field means



Each coupler measures only five __ two microns.

Which of the following options would you use to complete the sentence?



According to the information, what is lacking in the camera in its current state of development?

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