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Tan Hill Inn up for sale 売りに出されたタンヒルイン

The highest pub in Britain is up for sale for 900,000 pounds after 12 years of continuous ownership by Louise Peace.

Tan Hill Inn is situated at an altitude of 1732 feet above the sea level, and has entered the Guinness Book of World Records as the highest in the British Isles.

Ms. Peace believes that the pub is a special place, but regular and heavy snowfall creates major problems. She mentioned that it snows so heavily that sometimes visitors have had to stay inside the pub for up to 11 days. She feels that the inn now needs someone with a lot of stamina and a genuine love for the place. The pub is an isolated place with the nearest village, Keld in Swaledale, 5 miles away.

Apart from attracting regular adventure tourists, Ms. Peace explained that the property is ideal for parties, corporate team building sessions, and weddings.

Key Vocabularies :
situated [adj] 位置している。位置して,   altitude [noun] 海抜、標高。海面または地球の表面より高い,   inn [noun] 宿屋、小さな旅館。パブ、一般的に田舎にあるパブ。宿泊できる場所も存在する。,   stamina [noun] スタミナ、持久力。長期間、身体的または精神的な取り組みを維持する能力,   isolated [adj] 分離された、隔離された、孤立した。他の場所、建物または人々から遠く離れた,  




Why is Tan Hill Inn mentioned in the Guinness Book of World Records?



Ms Peace has owned Tan Hill Inn for



What is a major problem for the owner of the inn?

Look at the underlined word or phrase and choose the answer that is closest in meaning.


The place needs someone with a genuine love for the place.

In the above sentence, genuine means



The property is ____ for parties.

Which of the following options would you use to complete the sentence?



For which purpose is Tan Hill Inn well suited?

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