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The human cloud ヒューマンクラウド

On the one hand, technology has made life easier; but on the other, it has created a lot of anxiety for people as they feel that they might lose their jobs at any moment. In this situation, the growing importance of Artificial Intelligence has enabled more and more people to move to digital services online. They collectively form the ‘human cloud.’

A World Bank survey has highlighted that there are already more than 5 million workers from different parts of the world at online marketplaces like and UpWork. These portals offer all kinds of work ranging from designing websites to writing content. Options for ‘microwork’ are also available for those who prefer a lighter workload. Websites like Mechanical Turk operated by Amazon provide ‘microwork’ proposals.

Tech companies still prefer service-oriented outsourcing firms as they guarantee quality. For example, Google has employed more than 10,000 people as "raters" and their main task is to watch YouTube videos and check newly launched services. In the near future, the number of people currently involved in this work is expected to rise.

Key Vocabularies :
anxiety [noun] 不安、心配。何が起こるのか心配または恐れること,   highlight [verb] 強調する、目立たせる。(だれかまたはなにか)に注意を向ける,   prefer [verb] 好む。誰かまたは何かよりも別の何かを好むこと,   proposal [noun] 提案、提言。人や人のグループに示される何か(計画や提案,   guarantee [verb] 保証する。何かが起こるか存在するよう確実にすること,  




How would you describe the "human cloud"?



How many people work for Google as raters?



Microwork refers to

Look at the underlined word or phrase and choose the answer that is closest in meaning.


They collectively form the ‘human cloud.’

In the above sentence, what does the word collectively mean?



Many prefer a lighter workload.

Which of the following sentences uses the word light as it is used in the text?



What kind of work is available for people online?

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