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New horizons beyond Pluto 冥王星を超えたニューホライズンズ

About 6 billion kilometers from the Earth, a spacecraft woke up on September 11 from its long sleep, ready to venture even farther into deep space.

Launched in 2006, New Horizons had a special task to investigate Pluto. The task was accomplished in July 2015, when it traveled across Pluto at a speed of 50,000 km/hr and sent data and images for almost year. After five months of inactivity, the space probe is now ready to go even further to reach the Kuiper Belt, an asteroid belt left over when the solar system was formed.

Also known as MU69, the belt mostly comprises frozen water, ammonia, and methane. Pluto too is part of the belt, having been demoted from the status of a planet to a "dwarf planet" in 2006. The belt was discovered in 2014 and it is believed to be 15-30 km long.

The powerful Hubble Space Telescope can only identify KuiperBelt’s outlines because of the great distance and the small size of the belt’s constituents. New Horizons is expected to reach MU69 in January 2019, orbiting at a distance of only 3500 km from the surface.

Key Vocabularies :
venture [verb] 事業。危険または向こう見ずな旅、または行動をすること,   demote [verb] 降格させる、地位を下げる。(誰か)を低い地位にする,   dwarf [adj] 小さく見せる。その種類や種において、特に動物や植物などで、通常よりも小さいことを示している,   outline [noun] 大筋、概要。物体または姿の外面形状または境界線を示す線,   task [noun] 仕事。しなければならない何か,  




What was the main aim of the New Horizons space probe?



What is the speed of the space probe?



According to scientists, what does MU69 have?

Look at the underlined word or phrase and choose the answer that is closest in meaning.


The task was accomplished in July 2015.

In the sentence, what does the word accomplish mean?



New Horizons will ____ at a distance of only 3500 km.

Which of the following would you use to fill in?



Why do scientists expect New Horizons to bring a lot of detailed information about MU69?

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