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A robot in a jet engine ジェットエンジンの中のロボット

Two of the biggest jet engine manufactures, GE and Rolls Royce, are introducing tiny robots that can go into the engine, inspect the damage, and carry out repairs while the airplane is waiting to take off.

At GE Global Research in Niskayuna, New York, Chief Scientist Don Lipkin and his colleagues Todd D Danko and Kori Macdonald are working on the project. Once fully developed, the robots will also be able to repair GE’s gas turbines installed at many power stations.

The conventional method of repairing an engine in the workshop not only affects normal functioning of the airline and hits profits, but also reduces the margins of the engine manufacturer as well. This is because the contracts are signed based on the principle of "power-by-the-hour."

Currently, the robots are being tested in GE’s lab. However, the team expects to deploy them by the end of the year.

Rolls Royce, too, has developed pencil-thin snakelike robots that can conduct engine repairs without taking the engine off the wings of the airplane.

Key Vocabularies :
conventional [adj] 従来の。長期間ずっと存在しており、通常または一般的だと考えられていること,   margin [noun] 利ざや。販売価格と製造コストの差額。商品やサービスの販売による利益,   principle [noun] 原理、原則、思想。基本的な考え方、理論、なにかが行われる方法に大きな影響を持つ規則,   currently [adv] 現在。今、現時点で,   deploy [verb] 実施する、配置する。特定の目的のために使用するために(人または物を)編成または送ること,  




Why does an engine repair usually result in losses?



When are GE’s robots likely to be used for actual operations?



Contracts between airliners and engine manufacturers are based on the concept of

Look at the underlined word or phrase and choose the answer that is closest in meaning.


GE’s gas turbines are installed at many power stations.

Which of the following words is closest in meaning to power?



Repairing an engine in the workshop _____ normal functioning of the airline.

Which of the following options would you choose to complete the sentence?



What would be the advantage of using the robots for engine repairs?

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