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The net widens in the Kobe Steel scandal 神戸製鋼所不祥事、網目状に広がる

Kobe Steel, Japan’s third-largest steel company, has issued a shocking statement that quality checks were not followed by many of its subsidiaries before selling copper, aluminum, and steel products to more than 500 companies. This disclosure could affect the global supply chain in a major way.

Safety concerns are extremely high because the buyers include airplane manufacturer Boeing; automakers Toyota, Honda, and Ford; and bullet train manufacturer Hitachi.

Kobe Steel recently forecast a net profit of 5 billion yen ($312 million) for the current fiscal year. However, the ongoing scandal could have a negative impact on that prediction because customers are likely to claim replacements, recalls, and damages.

This is not the first time that the 112-year-old company has been involved in controversy. In the 1990s, Kobe Steel was caught paying off a cheat. In 2006, there was news that one of its steel mills altered soot emissions data. In 2009, the chairman and CEO had to resign following the discovery that Kobe Steel had made illegal political contributions.

Key Vocabularies :
disclosure [noun] 公表。新しい情報や秘密の情報を知らせる行為,   scandal [noun] スキャンダル。道徳的または法律的に間違っていると見なされ、一般市民の怒りを買う行動や出来事,   prediction [noun] 予測。将来生じる、または起こるかもしれないかことについての発言,   controversy [noun] 論争。長期にわたる公共の意見の相違や白熱した議論,   alter [verb] 変える。(何かを)変える,  




What is the worrying factor about Kobe's statement?



Which automaker might be affected by Kobe’s products?



In 2006, a Kobe unit was charged with

Look at the underlined word or phrase and choose the answer that is closest in meaning.


Customers are likely to claim damages.

In the above sentence, what does the word damages mean?



Kobe recently forecast a net profit of 5 billion yen

In the above sentence, the word forecast is used as



What shows that Kobe Steel has not learned from past mistakes?

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