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Millions of "ghost homes" in Japan 日本の何百万軒もの「幽霊屋敷」

The area covered by vacant homes (akaya) in Japan is approximately 41,000 sq km, larger than the island of Kyushu. However, it could reach 83,000 sq km by 2040. This is the conclusion of a private research group headed by former internal affairs minister Hiroya Masuda.

Many of the unoccupied homes are left empty and fall into disuse following the death of the owner. It is almost impossible to identify the legal heir, which makes it difficult for the authorities to collect land taxes. This not only affects land revenues, but also the proper use of land redevelopment programs.

Another major concern is the risk to life and health. Unoccupied properties might cause fire accidents, while their untidy grounds could result in health problems for people living nearby.

The study group estimates that annual losses from unknown ownership of land will reach 310 billion yen in 2040, up from about 180 billion yen in 2016.

Therefore, immediate measures are needed. One of them could be the transfer of unclaimed land to the government in case the owner cannot be identified for five years.

Key Vocabularies :
conclusion [noun] 結論。すべての証拠を検討した後に真実だと判断した何か,   unoccupied [adj] 空いている。(建物、席など)が使用されていない,   untidy [adj] 取り散らかした、乱雑な。きちんと整理されていない,   measure [noun] 行動、処置、対策。何かを達成する方法、状況に対応する方法,   unclaimed [adj] 持ち主不明の。何かに権利があると請求されていない,  




Why are there so many empty houses in Japan?



How much area is expected to be covered by empty homes by 2040?



What were the annual losses from the unused houses in 2016?

Look at the underlined word or phrase and choose the answer that is closest in meaning.


Many of the unoccupied homes are left empty.

In the above sentence, what does the word empty mean?



Many of the unoccupied homes fall into _____.

Which of the following options would you choose to complete the sentence?



According to the text, how can Japan deal with the 'ghost homes' problem?

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