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Surname controversy in Japan 日本の名字の問題

Yoshihisa Aono, president of software firm Cybozu Inc., and a woman from Kanagawa Prefecture are filing a lawsuit and demanding 2.2 million yen (about $19,300) in compensation from the government. The charge concerns the law in Japan about sharing a surname after marriage.

While Japanese citizens who marry foreign nationals have the option to keep their surname, the law does not allow that freedom to Japanese couples. Divorcees, however, can choose whether to retain the same surname regardless of nationality.

Yoshihisa has earned success in the business world with his pre-marriage surname "Aono," but he had to adopt his wife’s surname when he got married in 2001. However, this approach caused problems. He was forced to update the names on his shares and the process cost him about 3 million yen.

On the other hand, the woman who filled the case said she had an attachment to her maiden name and that her identity and pride were lost due to the surname law.

With women empowerment growing, the demand for a system where married couples can choose to retain their surnames is increasing in Japan.

Key Vocabularies :
compensation [noun] 賠償金。損傷やトラブルなどを埋め合わせるためになされる、または与えられる何か,   divorcee [noun] 離婚者。結婚した相手から別れた人,   attachment [noun] 愛着。誰かまたは何かへの愛情や愛着,   approach [noun] アプローチ。何かについて考える特定の方法,   pride [noun] プライド、自尊心。自分の尊厳に対する意識,  




Why are some people angry with the law on surnames?



Citizens who marry a foreigner



According to Mr Aono, he lost __ because of changing his surname.

Look at the underlined word or phrase and choose the answer that is closest in meaning.


Divorcees can retain the surname regardless of nationality.

In the above sentence, what does the word regardless mean?



Yoshihisa has _____ success in the business world.

Which of the following words would you use to complete the sentence?



What could help reduce the controversy about the surname law?

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