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Some precious metals and essential elements might soon be out of supply 一部の貴金属と必須元素が、まもなく供給から消える

Within few decades, the Earth might run out of several important elements and metals. This conclusion is based on a periodic table prepared by the American Chemical Society.

The table shows that 44 out of 118 elements known today will face supply limitations. Among those under a "serious threat in the next 100 years" are rare elements, precious metals, and even essentials like phosphorous.

Gallium is a blue-white metal discovered in 1831. It has a low melting point and resists oxidization, which makes it suitable for manufacturing optical mirrors. Increased use in manufacturing flat-screen TV sets and computer monitors is leading to its scarcity.

Indium, an element similar to gallium, is used in the control rods of nuclear reactors. With high consumption, Indium too might not be around for long.

The well-known element zinc, which is mixed with copper to make brass, might not be available by 2037, according to Dr Reller’s estimate.

Similarly, silver--which is used extensively to make coins, jewelry, and sensitive radio frequency antennae--might not survive after 2029, according to a 2010 paper in Scientific American.

Key Vocabularies :
limitation [noun] 制限。利用が限られている状態,   resist [verb] に抵抗する。(何か)の活動や効果に抵抗する,   scarcity [noun] 不足。供給不足の状態、不足,   element [noun] 元素。より単純な物質に分けることができない物質,   extensively [adv] 広く。大きな、大規模に,  




According to the text, many elements are



Which element has a low melting point?



According to the periodic table, how many elements are under threat?

Look at the underlined word or phrase and choose the answer that is closest in meaning.


Increased use is leading to its scarcity.

In the above sentence, what does the word lead mean?



Among them are rare elements and precious metals.

In the above sentence, the word rare is used as



What will happen when silver is no longer available?

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