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Coming soon: Electric passenger airplanes 電気旅客機がまもなく登場

With the growing awareness about global warming, the electric mode of transportation is gaining popularity. Many popular carmakers have rolled out battery-driven vehicles. But it is not that easy for the aviation industry to adapt to the electric mode. This is mainly because of factors like the size, weight, and traveling distance of airplanes.

However, both Boeing and Airbus are taking steps in that direction. Boeing and JetBlue have joined hands to fund a company that is developing a hybrid-electric airplane that can seat between 10 and 50 passengers. The company, Pipistrel, has already come up with a two-seater electric training plane called Alpha Electro.

On the other hand, Airbus is working on a major project with Rolls-Royce and Siemens. Airbus plans to convert its 100-seater BAE 146 to an electric airplane by replacing one of its jet engines with a 2MW electric unit. Its test flight is planned for 2020. The commercial launch is expected around 2030.

If such experiments are successful, passengers might soon have an option to fly on electric airplanes.

Key Vocabularies :
awareness [noun] 認識、自覚。特定の状況または発展に注目すること,   adapt [verb] 適合させる、適応させる。適合させる、適応させる,   factor [noun] 要因。イベントが起こるかどうかに影響を与えることのひとつ,   experiment [noun] 実験。テストとして行われる何か。それがどのように上手くいくか、または悪くなるかを確認すること,   hybrid [adj] ハイブリッド、混成物。混ざった特性のもの、異なる要素から成る,  




What is the advantage of an electric engine?



Pipistrel’s two-seater electric training plane is called



When is Airbus planning to launch its electric airplane into the market?

Look at the underlined word or phrase and choose the answer that is closest in meaning.


Both Boeing and Airbus are taking steps in that direction.

In the above sentence, what does the word step mean?



The electric mode of transportation is gaining popularity.

In the above sentence, the word transportation is used as



How are plane manufacturers planning to develop electric planes?

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