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Hitler’s Super Mercedes under the hammer ヒトラーのスーパーメルセデス、競売に

A 1939 luxury Mercedes limousine that was used to carry Adolf Hitler around Germany will be auctioned by Worldwide Auctioneers in Arizona on January 17.

Known to the world as the "Super Mercedes", the Mercedes-Benz 770K Grosser is powered by a 7.7-liter supercharged engine capable of exceeding 100 mph. Armor plating is fitted to the sides and bottom of the car. The windshield is bullet resistant, and an armored panel can be raised up at the back behind the seats if a greater threat is perceived.

The car, which carried the number plate 1A 148461, was used to parade Hitler through Berlin after the stunning defeat of France in 1940, and for a state visit by Italian dictator Benito Mussolini. The car was then captured by the allied forces; it fell into disuse in France and was captured after the war by US forces. The car changed hands several more times within the US before being sold to a European collector in 2002, then to a Russian billionaire in 2009.

Key Vocabularies :
perceive [verb] 理解する、分かる。何かについて気付く、意識している、理解する,   stunning [adj] すばらしい、驚くべき。驚くべき、びっくりさせる、印象的な,   resistant [adj] 抵抗力がある。何かの影響を受けない,   plating [noun] 金属の層。水平な金属の部分の外装,   disuse [noun] 廃止、廃棄。使用されていない状態,  




What makes Mercedes-Benz 770K Grosser so valuable?



What is the engine capacity of the super Mercedes?



Apart from Hitler, which other state leader rode in the car?

Look at the underlined word or phrase and choose the answer that is closest in meaning.


Armor plating is fitted to the sides and bottom of the car.

In the above sentence, what does the word armor mean?



The windshield is bullet resistant.

In the above sentence, the word windshield is used as



In what way was the Mercedes-Benz 770K Grosser a suitable car for Hitler?

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