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New Year: A good time to go gyming? 新年はスポーツジムに行くのに良い時か

The weeks following Christmas and New Year see a large number of gym memberships. There are maximum online searches for "get fit" and "lose weight" during this period. The trend shows that the first few weeks of January matter a lot for sporty individuals.

America’s market leader Planet Fitness has over 10 million members because it offers the best facilities at reasonable charge. Its share value increased in 2017.

Leisure DB, a data management firm, reports that one in seven people is a gym member in Britain. There is an increase in budget private membership. Initially in 2013, it was near to 14% and last year rose to 35%. Pure Gym admits short-term memberships, which are quite beneficial for many people. Speaking about the eagerness to join gyms, CEO Humphrey Cobbold said that "people’s intentions typically take seven to 14 days to become reality."

However, the enthusiasm among people seems to be short-lived. IHRSA, a Boston-based industry body, reported that many Americans discontinue gyming within a short period and plan to restart the practice later. Although this shows instability in their mindset, gyms continue to do good business overall.

Key Vocabularies :
eagerness [noun] 熱意、切望。何かをすることについての興味,   enthusiasm [noun] 熱中、熱心。強烈な興味、楽しむこと,   short-lived [adj] 短命の、つかの間の。短期間続く、一時的な,   mindset [noun] 考え方、物の見方。誰かが持つ考え方,   instability [noun] 不安定な状態。変更しやすい状態,  




Why does the gyming business pick up around the New Year?



Which plan at Pure Gym is popular?



In 2017, low-cost memberships comprised __ of memberships

Look at the underlined word or phrase and choose the answer that is closest in meaning.


Pure Gym admits short-term memberships.

In the above sentence, what does the word term mean?



People’s intentions typically take seven to 14 days to become reality.

In the above sentence, the word intention is used as



Which of the following is a feature of the gyming industry?

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