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Will Silverado be the silver lining for General Motors? シルバラードはゼネラルモーターズの希望の光となるか?

General Motors has been struggling in recent times because of the increasing challenge from electric and autonomous vehicles. In April 2017, its market value was overtaken by Tesla, a much smaller manufacturer in terms of output numbers. However, its fate seems to be turning with the announcement of the Chevrolet Silverado at the Detroit Motor Show on January 20.

The Siverado, a pickup truck, is expected to generate revenue for GM because of its profit margins. The additional funds can help GM invest more in EVs and autonomous cars. In this context, GM announced the 2019 Cruise AV, a Bolt-based robo-taxi without a steering wheel or pedals, just a week before the Detroit show.

Although GM hasn’t been doing well in the luxury segment, analysts at Morgan Stanley say that the Cadillac accounts for $13 billion out of GM’s market value of about $60 billion.

According to The Economist, the biggest factor responsible for GM’s turnaround in the market is its ability to convince investors that it is matching up to tech firms like Alphabet.

Key Vocabularies :
challenge [noun] 課題。難しい仕事または問題、行うことが難しいこと,   output [noun] 生産、産出。人、組織、システムなどが生産する何かの量,   fate [noun] 運命。特定の人や物に何が起こるか,   generate [verb] 生成する。(何か)を生み出す、または(何かを)生み出させること,   struggle [verb] 苦闘する、懸命に努力する。困難または抵抗を前にして何かを達成しようと励むこと,  




What has enabled General Motors to compete in the market?



Which of the following is a pickup truck?



The Cadillac business is worth

Look at the underlined word or phrase and choose the answer that is closest in meaning.


General Motors’ market value was overtaken by Tesla.

In the above sentence, what does the word overtake mean?



GM has been able to ______ investors.

Fill in the blank with the appropriate option.



Why are investors happy with GM?

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