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When robots skied and humans watched ロボットがスキーをして、人間が観戦

On February 12, a skiing competition was held over a slalom course for robots at the Welli Hilli ski resort in Hoenseong, few miles away from the Winter Olympics city PyeongChang.

The participating robots in the Ski Robot Challenge were developed by universities, institutes, and companies. Just like their human counterparts, the robot skiers had to meet certain basic qualifications. They had to be at least 50cm "tall," stand on their legs, have their own power systems, and be flexible at their knees and elbows to negotiate the flagpoles.

The names of some of the competing robots were Tae Kwon V, Alexi, and Rudolph. Each of them was equipped with sensors to distinguish between the red and blue flags and turn when needed. Although many of the robots were unable to reach the "Finish" line and some rolled down the slope in a funny manner, some robots were surprisingly good. The event was won by robot Tae Kwon V.

Organizer Kim Dong-uk predicts a bigger role for robots in winter sports. "I think in the future robots will have their own Winter Games on the sidelines of the Olympics held by humans," he said.

Key Vocabularies :
counterpart [noun] 同等の人、対応するもの。同じ仕事または目的を持つ誰かまたは何か,   qualification [noun] 資格、必要条件。満たす必要がある条件,   negotiate [verb] 交渉する。(障害または難しい道)を切り抜ける方法を見つけること,   distinguish [verb] 区別する。人や物の違いに気付くこと,   on the sidelines [other] 直接参加せずに様子を眺めて。メインイベントと平行して行われる何か,  




What was essential for a robot to qualify for the competition?



The Welli Hilli ski resort is situated in



Which robot won the race?

Look at the underlined word or phrase and choose the answer that is closest in meaning.


The robots were flexible at their knees and elbows.

In the above sentence, what does the word flexible mean?



The competition was held on the ______ of Welli Hilli ski resort.

Fill in the blank with the appropriate option.



What did Tae Kwon V do to win the competition?

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