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Apple hunts for cobalt from mines アップル、コバルトを鉱山から直接調達

Apple is one of the world’s largest end users of cobalt, an essential component of lithium-ion batteries that power the iPhone, the iPad, the Apple Watch, and the MacBook. With the growing demand for the mineral from lithium-ion battery makers, a global deficit in cobalt could have a major impact on Apple’s business. Recognizing this possibility, Apple is in direct talks with mining companies to buy cobalt in large quantities.

Currently, Apple depends on its battery suppliers to acquire the cobalt necessary to manufacture batteries for its devices. However, by contacting mines directly, Apple wants to save costs by sealing cheaper deals, and thereby increasing its margins on each device sold. Besides, it can maintain an assured supply of cobalt for its battery partners.

Two-thirds of the global supply of cobalt comes from Congo, where human rights activists have pointed to the widespread use of child labor in dangerous conditions. In March 2017, Apple had announced that it would not buy cobalt from any mine that uses child labor. Therefore, while dealing with miners, it has to be very cautious in choosing the source of its cobalt.

Key Vocabularies :
assured [adj] 保証された。中断や変更から保護された,   widespread [adj] よくある、ありふれた。広範囲にわたる、広げる,   seal [verb] を決定する。契約または合意を終了させること,   essential [adj] 必要な。絶対に必要な、極めて重要な,   cautious [adj] 用心深い。問題または危険を避けるように注意すること,  




Why is Apple talking to mining companies?



Cobalt is used to make



Which of the following goes against basic human rights?

Look at the underlined word or phrase and choose the answer that is closest in meaning.


A global deficit in cobalt could have a major impact on Apple’s business.

Which of the following words is nearest in meaning to the word deficit?



Cobalt is an essential ____ of lithium-ion batteries.

Which of the following words would you use to complete the sentence?



According to the text, what is important for Apple?

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