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U.S-China trade war heats up 米中貿易戦争激化

Tariffs and counter-tariffs have marked the trade standoff between the U.S. and China, with each country slamming heavy tariffs on imports from the other country.

The current conflict has been brewing for almost a year, but matters became worse this year with U.S. President Donald Trump’s series of new import taxes and China’s tit-for-tat approach. In January, Trump levied a 30% tariff on imported solar panels and a 20% tax on washing machines, most of which come from China. In March, the U.S. decided to tax steel and aluminum imports at 25% and 10%, to which China responded that it would take appropriate measures.

China carried out this threat on April 2 by imposing taxes on U.S. imports worth around $3 billion. Trump reacted by proposing a 25% tax on almost 1300 Chinese goods belonging to the aerospace, machinery, and medical industries. In like measure, China announced the next day that a 25% tax would be imposed on U.S. imports worth $50 billion. The products listed by China ranged from airplanes and automobiles to soybeans and chemicals. Barely two days later, Trump said that Chinese imports worth $100 billion would be taxed.

The trade war has worried investors and has had its impact on the stock market.

Key Vocabularies :
conflict [noun] 衝突、対立。大きな相違、議論,   approach [noun] アプローチ。何かについて考える特定の方法,   standoff [noun] 行き詰まり。勝者がいない競争,   slam [verb] を強く打つ、激しく打つ。たたく、を打つ,   brew [verb] 起こる。発達する。 開始または形成する,  




Why did the trade war become worse this year?



What is the new tax on washing machines?



On April 2, China imposed taxes on U.S. imports worth around

Look at the underlined word or phrase and choose the answer that is closest in meaning.


China took appropriate measures.

Which of the following words is nearest in meaning to the word measure?



In like measure, China announced about tax on imports.

Like is used as



What is the effect of the trade war?

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