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Mysterious rise in atmospheric methane 大気メタンの不可思議な増加

The last decade has seen a sharp rise in methane in the atmosphere. In particular, 2017 saw a massive spike, as confirmed earlier this month by America’s National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA).

This is a serious worry because methane is a far more powerful heat trapper than carbon dioxide. Although methane comprises only 15% of the total greenhouse gases, it is 25 times stronger than carbon dioxide (CO2) in its warming effect.

The generally accepted cause for the emission of methane is the release of biological materials, fossils, and wastes. However, only a fifth of atmospheric methane comes from fossils, while the remaining 80% is organic methane processed by microorganisms called methanogens.

To determine the source of atmospheric methane, scientists are observing the levels of carbon-13. They have concluded that the recent rise in atmospheric methane is occurring without a rise in carbon-13. This would indicate that biological factors are causing the increase in methane content.

Scientists are confused about the specific factor causing the rise in atmospheric methane. It could be one of three things: the Arctic soil, the increasing number of cattle in India and China, the tropical wetlands, which are getting wetter and warmer.

Key Vocabularies :
spike [noun] 急上昇。鋭い、突然の増加,   organic [adj] 有機の、有機物に含まれている。動物または野菜から発生した物質,   observe [verb] 観察する、見学する。誰かが何かをすることに気付く、または何かが起こっているのに気付く,   cattle [noun] 牛。牛または他の家畜類の集団,   confuse [verb] 混乱させる。(何かを)理解するのを難しくすること,  




Why is methane harmful in the atmosphere?



What is the percentage of methane in greenhouse gases?



What is the likely cause of the recent rise in methane content?

Look at the underlined word or phrase and choose the answer that is closest in meaning.


They have confirmed about the results.

Which of the following words is nearest in meaning to the word confirm?



The ___ of methane is the release of biological materials.

Which of the following words would you use to complete the sentence?



What are the possible factors causing the current rise of methane?

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